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Homo Economicus

I want to thank Greg Kaza for his review of “Globalists” in the June issue. He has called to attention some extremely relevant points, which are necessary for understanding current events. The first is that “globalism doesn’t replace the nation-state.” Not many observers understand that. As he explains so well, neoliberalism is characterized by Homo regularis, not Homo economicus. The latter, with its controlling algorithms based in rational choice theory, is more relevant to controlling the behavior of domestic populations.

The second service Mr. Kaza does is when he calls attention to the conflict between the American neoliberal view and the Paris/Geneva/London perspective.  Current events, from domestic policy to international affairs, can be understood with greater clarity by keeping this conflict in mind.

I have just recently purchased Globalists and am delighted to have Mr. Kaza’s timely analysis as a guide.

        —Jane Kerber
Urbana, IL

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