Homeschooling: Fortifying the Family Castle

Amid the disasters happening in America today, there’s some excellent news.  Homeschooling has won a solid place among roughly 1.5 million children and is mostly protected by law.  It has become a refuge for families sick of their local public schools and the many copycat private and parochial schools.  Even where decent private and parochial schools are available, they often cost too much for middle-class families to afford.

Homeschooling also ties a family together, making it a refuge not only from government but from the madding crowd.  A curriculum can be tailored to the family’s religious and other beliefs, and to each child’s particular abilities and enthusiasms.  Most homeschooling families also avoid the annoying hourly bells that turn conventional schools into factories.  If a child is immersed in learning statistics by using a spreadsheet to manipulate baseball stats, why interrupt to switch to another subject?

I’ve been writing about homeschooling since 1982, and its advance has been a welcome, and rare, triumph for conservatives and for every home-castle.  It’s also an example of how victories can be won by our side.

Up to the 1970’s, homeschooling was the mainstay of Birkenstock liberals and hippies protesting establishment schools.  Almost everybody, including the most conservative Christians, was happy with either the local...

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