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Homeschooling as Mental Illness

Last March delivered a double wham­my to the American people.  A few pundits expressed dismay; some parents shook their heads sadly.  Then people moved on.

On March 10, California’s 2nd Appellate Court virtually banned homeschooling.  Then on March 11, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the Centers for Disease Control announced epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases among teenage girls (one in four).  Both were lost among headlines about mortgages and money, murder and mayhem, sex scandals of the rich and powerful.

With the economy already taking a beating and the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war then at hand, presidential candidates on the stump stuck to monetary issues and troop withdrawals.  They declined to weigh in on the attempt by an out-of-control judiciary to deprive parents of their rights and children of a solid education.

California Gov. Arnold Schwar­ze­neg­ger expressed indignation over the homeschooling crackdown.  “This outrageous ruling must be overturned,” he demanded, “and if the courts won’t protect parents’ rights, then, as elected officials, we will.  Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children.”  The Governator apparently is not aware that the Nanny State has been encroaching on parents’ rights for some 40 years, or that the...

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