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Holy War, Just War: Islam and Christendom at War

Roberto De Mattei (Author)
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In the pages of Holy War, Just War, Roberto de Mattei argues that "The best way to approach Islam is to respect it. And to respect it means to accept it for what it is, without 'reinterpreting' it and trying to make it what it is not." His is such a sensible approach that it unlikely to be taken up by our leaders, because to view Islam "as it really is" involves jettisoning illusions upon which our foreign policy has been built for decades. Our leaders suffer from a lack of understanding, a lack of imagination, and a lack of will. They are content to serve as justification for Robert Louis Stevenson's remark that man does not live by bread alone, but chiefly by catchwords. Their thinking is that, with catchwords, we can muddle along-and we can, for a while. The true catch is that, once that while is over, it may be too late to rectify things. -From the Foreword by Karl Keating, President of Catholic Answers

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