Breaking Glass

Holes in the Plot

Can I ask for some help? I am trying to write a novel—a futuristic political thriller—but at present, the plot is ridiculously implausible.  I would like some advice about making it credible.

This is my scenario.  It is 2011.  A hugely popular Barack Obama is cruising toward an inevitable second term.  He is, however, at daggers drawn with the nation’s military leadership and the intelligence agencies.  He has developed friendly relations with the regimes in Iran and Venezuela, and is negotiating an arms-limitation treaty with China.  Hawkish critics at home believe that he is sacrificing U.S. strategic ascendancy to the point of giving away the store.  Moreover, he is constantly sidestepping the intelligence agencies in favor of new structures run directly under White House control.

At that point, the Obama administration is undermined by a series of devastating corruption scandals.  The main conduit for embarrassing leaks is a young journalist—I’m calling him Woody—who has close personal links with senior officers in the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Another highly placed source in the FBI feeds him critical information.  Soon, the torrent of scandal becomes so overwhelming that Obama is forced to resign, to general rejoicing.  And the surprise twist in the plot is: It was the military and intelligence agencies who publicized and shaped the whole...

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