Cultural Revolutions

Here Comes the Parade

This past summer, a headline appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal: “Kentucky terrorist arrests shouldn’t jeopardize refugee program, advocates say.”  The first paragraph ran: “As U.S. authorities recheck intelligence gathered on refugees, resettlement agencies say the arrest of two suspected Iraqi terrorists in Kentucky should not jeopardize programs that have helped tens of thousands of persecuted people start new lives in America.”  Two Iraqi “refugees,” you see, were plotting to aid anti-American forces in Iraq.

The story depicted fretful refugees who “came this far to get away from this kind of stuff.”  Then the paper detonated what should be a bomb: One of the two terrorists “came to the United States as a refugee despite previously conspiring to attack American troops while he was in Iraq.”  His “fingerprints had been lifted off an improvised explosive device found near Bayji, Iraq, in September 2005, but 21 months elapsed before they were linked to him—well after he was allowed to enter the United States as a refugee in April 2009.”

Of course, most refugees do not plot terror against American GIs.  But most of them are from the Third World.  And they are changing the country.  Thus is the United States government, through its Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), “electing a new people,” as they...

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