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Heckuva Job, Bushie.

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By:Tom Piatak | May 05, 2014

In March, a group of academics released their estimate of the costs of the Iraq war: 1.7 trillion dollars, with an additional 490 billion dollars in benefits owed to wounded veterans. Given that wounded veterans will need a lifetime of care, the estimated costs could rise to 6 trillion dollars over the next four decades. The academics also estimated that the war killed between 176,000 and 189,000 people, including thousands of American servicemen. The major beneficiary of all the blood and treasure lost by America in a futile effort to relieve Saddam Hussein of weapons he did not have is Iran, which has seen a hostile regime replaced by a friendly, Shiite-dominated regime.

Another cost was recently highlighted by the patriarch of the Chaldean Church, a Christian body that has been in Iraq since apostolic times. Patriarch Louis Raphael I told reporters that “we are a ruined church.” He noted that “1,400 years of Islam could not uproot us from our land and our churches, while the policies of the West [have] scattered us and distributed us all around the world.”

Before we went into Iraq, Chronicles predicted that American intervention would be calamitous for both for the United States and for Iraq's ancient Christian communities.  And so it proved to be. It turns out that the "unpatriotic conservatives" were those who pushed us into this mess, not those with the foresight to oppose it.



harry colin
east palestine
5/5/2014 02:39 PM

  A very insightful look at the bitter fruits of neo-con imperialism and hubris. Sadly, the damage is not concluded; the region appears to be headed for more unrest and misery. It is particularly sad that so many of the keyboard commandos who were hurling insults at those opposed to such meddling are still promoting their vile brew of global conflict.

5/5/2014 02:49 PM

  Tom, Yes and the folks who cheered going over there are still proud of it and still running the GOP. "A lot of people, and I was one of them, said goodbye and good riddance. You’re not in the mainstream of the Republican Party, go run as a Reform Party candidate, as an independent candidate," Bill Kristol said, referring to Buchanan. Kristol claimed that Buchanan's departure helped the Republican Party because his views differed so far from the mainstream. "Ron Paul’s a little different from Pat Buchanan, but he’s no better, in my view, and I actually think the Republican Party will be benefited in the long run, but even in the short run," he said. Read more: Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

5/5/2014 03:57 PM

  One word sums it all up: Outrageous!!

Joe Johnson
5/5/2014 06:59 PM

  I wonder if anti war leftists know or even care about this.

5/5/2014 08:52 PM

  Joe Johnson, The Left is aware the GOP was lying about the reasons for war but their chief anxiety is not that politicians lie to achieve noble ends, afterall this is the Lefts prefered method of operation as well, rather they simply regret their cousins calling the shots instead of them.


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