Vital Signs

Heavenly Windows

Recently, I read some words that were spoken by Saint Macarius, a fourth-century monk who expresses so powerfully what God in Jesus Christ came and continues to come to do among us:

When man falls under the power of the darkness of the devil’s night, he is troubled and distressed by the dreadful wound of sin that blows in him.  He is shaken and trembles through all his nature.  His soul, his thoughts, his understanding are shaken.  All the limbs of his body are shaken and no part of either soul or body escapes unharmed from that sin that dwells in him.  But, in like manner, there is a day of light and a Divine breeze of the Holy Spirit which refreshes the souls and bodies that stand in the day of the light of God.  It penetrates the soul and its thoughts and all the members of the body.  It refreshes them with a Divine unbelievable rest.  And as in the night of sin and error, when man is clothed with darkness, and wears the garment of blasphemy, unbelief, indifference, arrogance, greed and lust, then comes Jesus Christ who tears off the clothing of the kingdom of darkness.  In Him and through Him we put on the new and heavenly man who is Jesus Christ.  And in Him once again, we correspond and conform our eyes to His eyes; our ears to His ears, our hands to His hands; our heart and head to His heart and head, all pure and wearing the heavenly image in which God made us.


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