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Hearts and Minds

Clyde Wilson’s View in the April issue (“Society Precedes Government: Two Counterrevolutions”) was excellent.  A New England “Yankee” (my great-grandfather was captured and put in Libby Prison during the war) and a Bunyanesque Calvinist at that (I might as well completely alienate myself from your editorial staff while I’m at it), I attended school in South Carolina back in the 60’s and hated every second of it.  I’ve since learned by reading A Constitutional History of Secession (John Remington Graham), various revisionist writings on Lincoln, Chronicles articles by Wilson et al., and being exposed to other influences what a debt America owes to the South in general, and South Carolina in particular.  I have gained a new respect for Southern culture.  (I could never live there because it’s too hot.)  At the same time, duly influenced by R.J. Rushdoony’s earlier writings concerning the vital part ministers of New England Calvinist churches played in keeping the Revolutionary spirit alive there, I am proud of that heritage.

Scott P. Richert’s work in the March issue on the functional equivalence of Islam and progressivism based on The Flying Inn did the world a service (“Clash...