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Healthcare: Seeking Solidarity Without Socialism

Healthcare is a problem, and not merely a sociopolitical one.  If we are to believe the media pundits, it’s also very much a religious question.  Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times berates Paul Ryan for attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act on the grounds that Ryans’s opposition to ObamaCare is a denial of the Gospel and therefore a violation of the Catholic faith that Ryan professes.  Jesus, apparently, was a socialist and would have voted Democrat.  Not so, says James Freeman in the Wall Street Journal: Ryan was right to push forward with the repeal of the ACA and can do so, as a Catholic in good conscience, because, well, Jesus was not a socialist.  Accusing Kristoff of casting “the federal bureaucracy in the role of Jesus,” Freeman defended Ryan’s efforts to dismantle Obama’s healthcare legacy.  Freeman asks what Jesus would say about big government and comes to the conclusion that He would agree with Freeman that it’s not a good thing.  During the 2016 presidential election campaign, in another article for the Wall Street Journal, Freeman had asked “how would Jesus vote?”  Contrary to the claims of Kristoff and the New York Times party, Freeman and the Wall Street Journal party insisted that Jesus was not a socialist, nor would He have voted for Bernie or Hillary; He was a fiscal conservative...

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