Healthcare in a Humane Society

The night had started off great.  A few weeks earlier I had agreed to speak at the New York premiere of the American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks’s forthcoming documentary The Pursuit.  The invitation came from the think tank Conscious Capitalism, which was founded by Whole Foods founder John Mackey.  Although I knew little about Conscious Capitalism or its agenda, the organizers kindly sent me a link to the documentary so I could preview it and gather my thoughts one week before the official screening.  One of the discussants afterward remarked that The Pursuit tended toward the “propagandistic” in its didactic treatment of capitalism, but for me, listening to the film’s defense of free enterprise in the People’s Republic of Manhattan refreshed me like a breath of fresh taxi exhaust.  My wife, Anne, had finally agreed to attend one of my public-speaking engagements, an occasion on her list of priorities that ranks lower than a mani-pedi but just above a visit to the DMV to renew her driver’s license.  As we walked home she made a few cursory observations about the film and thanked me for not embarrassing her, or myself, by making inflammatory comments or wearing a MAGA hat.

If you are a regular reader of Chronicles, you can probably guess what I told the Conscious Capitalism audience.  However, if this is your first time...

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