Liberals love psychology, as a science and as pseudoscience, while being very bad at it.  Indeed, the liberal persuasion and the discipline of psychology have a natural affinity for each other, grounded in their morally relativistic values, that partly accounts for their taste for social and personal engineering and other forms of “behavior modification.”  Ideologically, liberalism does not recognize human nature as something fixed and recognizable, unchangeable and describable, objective to the extent that something impalpable though real can be understood as an object; psychologists, however, clearly do, since as scientists they claim to investigate empirically verifiable facts pertaining to physical reality.  To this extent at least the art of applied psychology is the exact analogue of the art of motorcycle maintenance, the two being equally a matter of mechanical analysis and skillful adjustment by carefully balanced calibration to restore the perfect harmony of the various moving parts.

For example, a motorbike repair artist, entrusted with a machine suffering from an overactive carburetor, would reduce the inflow of gasoline or oxygen, or both, after substituting a lower-octane gas for a richer mixture to rescue a troubled engine from a hyperactive state and restore it to a normally balanced one.  Similarly, a liberal social engineer seeking to modify racist ideas, sentiments, and behavior in...

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