What do you call a man who loves his country but is not so enthusiastic about the government that confiscates half of his income?  Who takes care of his own family but is not sure why, through tax policies and affirmative action, he is also supposed to take care of the children of other people he does not know?  Who believes in charity but believes it begins at home and does not really extend beyond the borders of the United States?  Who wishes peace and prosperity to the peoples of the Third World but does not necessarily want to bring them here?  Who admires the brave struggle of the Israeli people but does not see why American money and military clout have to be used to do to Palestinians what was done to Jews in the past?  Who wishes no ill to anyone else’s religion but wonders why non-Christians can use a government funded by mostly Christian taxes to teach anti-Christianity in schools and eliminate Christian symbols and prayers from public places?

I would call such a man, no matter what party he belongs to or principles he espouses, an instinctive conservative.  Leftists, however, particularly the leftist tentacles of the institutional octopus of hate that is strangling both civilization and freedom, would call him a bigot and an antisemite.  I am obviously referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American...

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