Cultural Revolutions

Hamas-led Palestine

After Hamas, the radical Islamic and anti-Western movement and terrorist organization, achieved victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections, I was invited by a leading think tank in Washington to debate with another Middle East analyst the implications of that stunning development for U.S. policy in the Middle East and the moribund “peace process.” I found quite fascinating the reactions of some members of the audience, which consisted mostly of foreign policy-establishment types, to my very gloomy forecasts about the repercussions of the first electoral win by an Islamic political group—an offshoot of the militant Muslim Brotherhood—in an Arab-Sunni country.

Many in the audience were trying to convince me that the Lord works in mysterious ways (though they didn’t use those exact words) and applying what I would describe as “dialectical thinking run amok.” Yes, under the rule of Hamas, Christians and women would be relegated to the status of second-class citizens, not to mention that these experts in suicide bombing whose election platform quoted the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion were committed to the elimination of Israel and would never be willing to make peace with her. But . . . who knows? Recall the Nixon-goes-to-China scenario, and it is quite possible that only the Palestinian hard-liners would succeed in delivering an agreement with the Israelis. Also, when...

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