Guns: Gianna, Get Your Gun

Guns: Gianna, Get Your Gun
same signature" as the World Trade Center\r\nbombing. Indeed, they do.\r\nI concKide with the words of a veteran\r\npolihcal observer, John Keegan (defense\r\neditor of tlie Daily Telegraph, writing in\r\nthat newspaper on September 14):\r\nThere are two reasons why President\r\nPutin might help. The first is\r\nthat Russia is also plagued by the\r\nmenace of Islamic terrorism that,\r\nin Chechnya, has inflicted humiliation\r\non the successor to the oncegreat\r\nSoviet army. The second is\r\nthat lending assistance to NATO\r\nmight persuade the alliance to admit\r\nRussia to membership.\r\nThere is, perhaps, not much difference\r\nbetween what I say here and what\r\nKeegan says in his article—except that I\r\nrealize that the developments he anhcipates\r\nspell the end of freedom in Europe,\r\nand he does not. Keegan believes that\r\nRussia's help is a hopeful sign, invaluable\r\nto the West in its plight, while 1 believe\r\nthat it marks Russia's triumphant return\r\nto Stalin's dream of totalitarian hegemony\r\nof Eurasia.\r\nBut what would people have said to a\r\nwriter who, a few days after Pearl Harbor,\r\nwrote an article warning the West against\r\nan alliance with Stalin?\r\nAndrei Navrozov is Chronicles'\r\nEuropean correspondent.\r\nGianni,\r\nGet Your Gun\r\nby David Kopel and Carlo Stagnaro\r\nOne of the most important reasons\r\nfor the sweeping victory of Silvio\r\nBerlusconi and his House of I_,iberty in\r\nthe recent Italian elecHon was concern\r\nfor public...

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