Guns: Gianna, Get Your Gun

Guns: Gianna, Get Your Gun
gradually made even more stringent. In\r\nresponse to communist terrorism in the\r\n1970's, a variety of laws were passed to\r\ndisarm law-abiding people. More recent\r\namendments have forced those desiring a\r\nfirearms permit to demonstrate a "necessity"\r\nand to give the government extremely\r\npersonal information, such as\r\nmedical certificates.\r\nIn the United States, at the annual\r\nGun Rights Policy Conference (run by\r\nthe Second Amendment Foundation),\r\ndelegates habitually adopt a "NATO\r\nDoctrine" resolution, whereby an attack\r\non one form of gun ownership is considered\r\nto be an attack on all. This resolution,\r\nand the consciousness behind it,\r\nmean that practitioners of obscure shooting\r\ndisciplines (e.g., .50-caliber longrange\r\ntarget shooting) can count on energetic\r\nsupport from the full spectrum of\r\ngun owners.\r\nItalian gun owners, however, rarely defend\r\na comprehensive right to bear arms\r\nbut focus narrowly on the interests of\r\ntheir particular shooting discipline.\r\nHunting groups do not support gun ownership\r\nfor target shooting or for self-defense.\r\nTarget shooters ignore the rights of\r\nhunters. And almost no one discusses the\r\nmost important element of the right to\r\nbear arms: the duty of a free people to resist\r\ntyranny. Supposedly, a civilized\r\nWestern republic would never lapse into\r\ntyranny —although Italy did so under\r\nMussolini and the Caesars.\r\nBut there are signs of a growing solidarity\r\namong...

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