Letters to the Bishop

Grades and Passes

Your Excellency:

This past season of mortification was my most wretched of Lents.  The Ash Wednesday promises made to myself and to God lie behind me like spiritual road kill.  If you were marking me on my Lenten practices, you’d rightly give me an F—a low F—and tell me to repeat the class.

Such failure brings a man low.  Having watched the shenanigans of you bishops in March, however, I am reminded that misery truly does love company.

For years the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has pushed universal healthcare.  When such a bill finally reached the brink of passage, however, you bishops threw up your hands in dismay: “We didn’t intend a bill supporting abortion!”  For grown men to be so blind, so ignorant of the world and of the souls of their fellow human beings, is pathetic.

Where did you suppose such a bill would lead?  Did you believe that our government is composed of ladies and gentlemen who honor ancient Christian teachings about life?  Did you not see that payments for abortion would eventually become law under such a bill?  If our secular rulers maintain their present course, euthanasia not only will become philosophically acceptable but will be abetted by a government unwilling to give expensive care to the dying or the gravely ill.  Another 20 years and our federal dictatorship will have convinced us to get rid of “undesirables”—the...

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