Vital Signs

Governor William Weld's Manly Agenda

Empower Queer Nation

Does Massachusetts Governor William Weld want to "Empower America" or "Empower Queer Nation"? Social conservatives who hold out an inkling of hope that "Empower America" might actually pay attention to their issues should take a closer look at Governor Weld's promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools.

On February 10, 1992, Governor Weld "empowered" the public school children of Massachusetts by creating the nation's first Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. By signing Executive Order 325, and at the swearing-in of commission members on June 11, 1992, Governor Weld stated that there is a "tremendous need to address the difficult issues facing gay and lesbian youth." He also wants to "abolish the prejudice and isolation" faced by such children. Governor Weld was understandably partisan in naming members of the commission. Many arc homosexuals. In fact, the chairman is David LaFontaine, lobbying director for the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights.

The commission's Education Report, "Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth," detailed Weld's and the gay lobby's demands: acknowledgment that kids are born homosexual; creation of social clubs for homosexuals; inclusion of homosexual propaganda in school libraries; teaching kids that homosexual sex is normal, natural, and healthy; no-fault parenting support...

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