Between the Lines

Going Rove

The idea that the “far right” is on the cultural warpath is, like most liberal canards, the exact opposite of the truth.  See, for example, the sort of treatment handed out to the victor in Delaware’s GOP senatorial primary.  The conservative Catholic Christine O’Donnell, a 46-year-old Sarah Palin knockoff, was immediately held up for ridicule on account of her views on . . . onanism!  A video of her made more than 20 years ago, in which she advocates chastity before marriage and denounces masturbation as, well, yucky, immediately went up on MSNBC, and the left-wing blogs followed up with a frenzy of chortling.  Chastity!  Anti-Onanism!  In Washington, D.C.?  It’ll never happen.

The snickering had hardly subsided when Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann acquired an unlikely ally: Republican grand strategist Karl Rove.  Appearing on FOX News, he lashed out at O’Donnell:

Look, she believes she’s going to win, and that’s what a candidate ought to believe.  I think the questions about why she had a problem for five years with paying her federal income taxes, why her house was foreclosed on and put up a for sale by the sheriff, why it took 16 years for her to settle her college debt and get her diploma after she went around for years claiming she was a college graduate . . . these and other troubling sort of personal background things, she...

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