The Western Front

Going Nowhere

Agostino Carrino, a Neapolitan legal theorist now associated with the University of Naples Frederick II, has published a series of tracts (available in Italian, German, and French) aimed at the European Union and its claims to legitimacy.  Particularly in his last two works, Democrazia e governo del futuro (2000) and L’Europa e il futuro delle costituzioni (2002), Carrino contrasts a true European community with the mind-set that the intended European superstate has brought forth,

the chatter of someone in a restaurant in Brussels or of someone who believes himself to be the repository of higher morality than that of the common man [seen in the passion of one of the Italian authors of the Chart of Human Rights derivative from the non-existent supermorality of Italian judges].

Carrino perceives in the E.U. constitution—for which Germans will not even be allowed to vote—and in the preceding Human Rights Act of October 2000 anything but a democratic will.  The European Union represents business lobbies, Pecksniff judges concerned with hate speech and dreading the possible end of Third World immigration, entrenched bureaucrats, and the Enlightenment fixation on abstract rights—to which actual people have to be fitted.  Viewed from the shrunken interests of self-identified nations, what is happening is this: Supernational economic structures, judges armed...

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