Vital Signs

Globaloney in the Classroom

The longer one observes American public schools today, the more comprehensive and deep-rooted the globalist infection appears. The erstwhile revolutionary-leftist underground has become the establishment, in public education and every other institution.

Educators now call themselves "change agents," in Timothy Leary's radical parlance. No lie is too big ("Diversity = Excellence") and no trick too low to be deployed in the radicals' mission to deform the public school curriculum. A true-life example of the trick tactic: A guidance counselor pre-empts a fifth grade social studies class to deliver the pro-diversity unit du jour. She shows the class two cardboard boxes, a dingy white one labeled "1" and a box swathed in shiny, colorful plastic, labeled "2." Cooing that "there's no right or wrong answer, it's just what you feel, any answer is okay," the change agent passes out sheets on which the students are to write their names, their preferred box number, and one reason why they chose it.

A majority of students choose box number two, because it is more appealing to the eye. Ah, but dingy box number one contains a stash of stickers! "Well," smirks the agent, "I guess those who picked number one each get a sticker, and all you who picked number two just get left out. Too bad." (An observer mutters, "So there was a 'right' answer,"...

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