Globalism: George Soros, Megalomaniac

Globalism: George Soros, Megalomaniac
longtime business partner, Jim Rogers,\r\nbut also from his wife, Annalise, whom\r\nhe had met and married in 1961. While\r\nthe pressure of his work had taken a toll\r\non his marriage, Soros admits that "my\r\nwife had been very supportive, very tolerant\r\nof my involvement in business," and\r\nattributes the breakup to his own attitude.\r\nHe describes "a rather wild period"\r\nin whieh he "deliberately loosened\r\nthe constraints under whieh I had been\r\noperating." It was, he reflects, a good investment\r\nstrategy: "The result was, ironically,\r\na period of absolutely fantastic\r\nperformance. We practically doubled\r\nour money in each of the next two years.\r\nThe fund jumped from $100 million to\r\nalmost $400 million."\r\nSoros's concept of his divorce as an investment\r\nstrategy is stunning in its utter\r\ninnocence of any wrongdoing, a complete\r\nincomprehension of the repulsion\r\nthis divine narcissism engenders in mere\r\nmortals. In Soros on Soros, he tells us he\r\nmet his future wife on the day he and\r\nAnnalise were legally separated. In what\r\nhas got to be one of the worst pick-up\r\nlines on record, he confided to 22-yearold\r\nSusan Weber, a recent acquaintance,\r\n"I just got separated from m\\ wife today.\r\nWould you like to have lunch?"\r\nSoros's personal coldness permeates\r\nhis philosophy, Sorosian N4an is a curiously\r\nabstract, stripped-down being, devoid\r\nnot only of ordinary human feeling\r\nbut also of nationality. Soros, the selfproclaimed\r\n"stateless...

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