Cultural Revolutions

Global Responsibilities

George W. Bush is already under pressure not to "forget our global responsibilities." The usual suspects have taken their cue from a January 3 Washington Times article by the paper's military correspondent. Bill Gertz, who is notorious for obtaining and publishing classified information. Gertz, citing a Defense Intelligence Agency report from last summer, claimed that Russia was "moving tactical nuclear weapons into a military base in Eastern Europe for the first time since the Cold War ended" in "an apparent effort to step up military pressure on the expanded NATO alliance." Gertz called the alleged "movement" of "battlefield" nukes—"tactical" warheads used on artillery shells, short-range missiles, cruise missiles, and torpedoes—the fulfillment of Russian "threats" to respond to NATO expansion.

Gertz's article prompted official Russian denials and set off a wave of Russophobic internationalist blather at Imperium Central, otherwise known as "our nation's capital." State Department spokesman Kenneth Bacon claimed that, if the Russians had moved the nukes into Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea sandwiched between Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), it would "violate" a "pledge" to keep the Baltics "nuclear free." (What about the post-Cold War understanding...

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