Cultural Revolutions

"Global Initiative"

Bill Clinton has summoned “his own mini-General Assembly of presidents, prime ministers, kings and other pooh-bahs” to devise plans for “addressing poverty, global warming, religious conflict and better governance.”

The inaugural meeting of what the perjurer in chief modestly calls the Clinton Global Initiative has brought together 800 bigwigs who paid $15,000 each for a seat (which adds up to a neat $12 million in entrance fees alone).

Clinton also asked each attendee to “commit” to doing something to improve the world, by which he really means money.  They have obliged, and over 50 such pledges have been made so far, totaling more than $300 million, including an Africa investment fund and a plan to fight AIDS.  “What is happening here is the kind of intense dialogue between different people and cultures which should take place at the U.N. but can’t anymore because of highly ritualistic structures, protocol and conflict avoidance,” explained Richard C. Holbrooke, former U.N. ambassador under Clinton and John Kerry’s foreign-affairs advisor during his presidential campaign.

So far, so predictable: A failed President with no scruples and a flair for p.r. is fighting for his legacy and making a killing along the way.  The bad news is that the circus was attended by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  Her predecessor, Colin Powell,...

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