Global Anarcho-Tyranny

A Game of Chess

The kind of regime that is being imposed on the world by what still passes for the West has two basic forms.  The form preferred by the Democratic Party in the United States and by the European Union is multilateralist and therapeutic.  The form favored by the people who currently control U.S. foreign policy is unilateralist and triumphalist.

The former claim to be motivated by the disinterested desire to bring peace, human rights, and democracy to the benighted multitudes who do not have those blessings but are allegedly entitled to enjoy them.  They are commonly known as liberals but have more in common with Marx and Gramsci than with Mill or even Wilson.  They are not opposed to military interventions but want them approved by a semimystical “International Community” (i.e., themselves) and conducted in pursuit of ideals common to all men.  In last year’s election campaign, John Kerry thus insisted that “those ideals and interests in this globalized world are consistent with the peace, prosperity, and self-determination of every country on earth.”  As long as there is a single country anywhere in the world that does not enjoy peace, prosperity, and self-determination, the adherents of this view will feel justified to seek new U.N. authorizations for various Wars for Human Rights.  The intervening country’s security interests, as defined in any traditionally...

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