Under the Black Flag

Gillette Meets Dick the Butcher

Everyone’s rather angry nowadays.  Women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, college students, college professors, Hollywood stars, Democratic politicians—you name them, they’re upset.  The Donald seems finally to have united the United States.  Everybody hates Trump and, of course, men.  Toxic masculinity has replaced the evil Nazis and their goose-step, and Trump the loathsome Führer.

Corporate moralizing is as sick as it gets, and virtue signaling by Gillette—in a brand-name advertisement that admonishes men to “do better”—reminds me of the joker who killed his parents and asked the jury for mercy because he was an orphan.  The American Psychological Association (APA) is probably the greatest con job ever invented, and it has recently released guidelines on how to screw the American people further.  The APA has an annual budget of $115 million, and 117,500 shrinks are members.

The guidelines basically say that being a male is a very bad thing.  Male qualities such as courage, personal ambition, and grace under pressure are psychologically harmful.  The APA advises that traits such as self-reliance and competitiveness should be rooted out.  I do not have $115 million dollars per annum and cannot claim 117,000 friends, but my advice to my readers is to root out every psychologist they know.


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