Cultural Revolutions

Gettysburg Agitprop

The field of Gettysburg is perhaps the closest thing to a sacred place, a Mount Olympus, to be found in our secular-minded land.  The battle itself contains enough epic material for the admiration, contemplation, and inspiration of a hundred generations of Americans, if there should be so many.  This is all lost on the U.S. National Park Service, which is busy, under congressional mandate, converting Gettysburg and other battlefields into conduits of p.c. propaganda.  The new visitors’ center at Gettysburg is an immense ugly barn with a very badly designed pattern of interior displays, but that is the least of its problems.  The USNPS now deems it less important to explain the great events of that place than to impart a lesson about slavery, the alleged true and only cause of the battle, and the supposed supreme issue of our national existence.

Though currently fashionable among academics, this reduction of the greatest events of our history to a simplistic monocausal and emotion-laden portrayal is politically motivated and present-centered.  It is designed to kill off any view of the rich complexity of human experience and instill a robotic adherence to a party line.  The original source of such agitprop tactics is without doubt Marxist class-conflict dialectics, with the cultural Marxist race obsession overlaid.

It would certainly be a surprise to the Northern soldiers in that battle...

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