Getting Europe Straight

Slouching Toward Eurabia

An American foreign policy based on a national-security strategy consistent with this country’s traditions and values would have three main objectives in relation to Europe.  The first would be to promote the preservation of the Old Continent as the cradle of our common civilization, with which North America shares a similar world outlook.  The second would be to define a set of common Euro-American objectives in relation to the rest of the world.  The third would be to devise common defense mechanisms against all threats, current and anticipated, that may threaten the security, well-being, and prosperity of our societies.

On all three counts, the Bush administration is failing.  In neither its public statements nor its policies does it display any awareness of the fact that Europe is in the midst of changing her character—and changing it so profoundly that the end result, within a few decades, will be the emergence of a mutant superstate inherently inimical to America.

Two salient features of that process are the dominance of a radically post-Christian, neo-Marxist outlook among her decisionmaking elites and a demographic metamorphosis—seemingly irreversible in several key Western European countries—that may result in the replacement of native populations by predominantly Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East and by their European-born descendants.


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