Cultural Revolutions

Getting Agitated

Celebrities—America’s “creative community”—start getting agitated when-ever the country is on the verge of war.  They march in antiwar rallies; they publish antiwar ads and petitions; and, most significantly, they don antiwar clothing.  

Well, it’s a free country, and I can abide the speeches, the petitions, and the ads, even when they are imbued with that unique celebrity combination of self-satisfaction and terror of being thought airheads.  What is hard to take, however, is the protest clothing.

USA Today recently ran a piece, accompanied by photographs, on antiwar T-shirts and the celebrities who wear them.  The article began with the glib prose that is the trademark of entertainment reporting: “As war looms with Iraq, some celebrities are trading their designer duds for anti-war garb.”  Among those mentioned was singer Sheryl Crow, who appeared at a recent event in a shirt that was, according to the paper, covered across the chest “with the message ‘War Is Not The Answer’ in sequins.”  For the record, the shirt surrounding the sequins was tight, tiny, and low-cut.  Also featured was actress Shiva Rose, who went public in “a blue T-shirt with the slogan ‘No Blood For Oil’ in red letters by designer Hayley Star.”

It is easy to understand why, when it comes to politics,...

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