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Although music doesn’t have an obvious link with golf, I say it does, so that I can contradict myself immediately.  The late Sam Snead was and still is well known for his beautiful swing, which he related explicitly to waltz-time, and more than once.  Tempo and rhythm were aspects of motion, as he saw the golf swing—the obvious example was “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” by the younger Strauss.  And there are certain lyrical swings that suggest themselves, as for example those of Tommy Bolt, Tom Weiskopf, Payne Stewart, and others we could mention.

And I also remember that various musicians or professional singers sponsored or hosted various tournaments: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Glen Campbell—and whom am I missing?  Don Cherry played for dough and sang for it as well, and though he didn’t sing for money, Jimmy Demaret was capable of having done so.

On a day I won’t forget, there was a Demaret lesson—even a musical one—to be derived from the presence of two golfers of superior ability, Clifton James (of two Roger Moore/James Bond movies) and James Freud (who played golf better than James Bond).  Having played down at Houston’s Champion’s Club (cofounded by Demaret), Clifton told a great story about that outrageous character, who would purposefully hit into the water at the green in front of the clubhouse, so everyone...

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