Genuine Outrages

I admit to being a biased reviewer.  Donkey Cons is a book about the Democratic Party, and I will say up front that I don’t much care for the Democrats.  Consider a sorry, random list: Kennedy (pick one), Pelo-si, Schu-mer, Clinton (pick one), Dean, Kerry, Lieber-man.  The names alone are enough to turn one’s stomach.  There is only one other organization whose leadership can come as close to bringing up the bile—the Republicans.

My disdain for both parties is not a part of a lame attempt to be “fair and balanced.”  While there remain significant differences between the parties, they are both part of a ruling regime that always takes the country down the road to empire abroad and centralized government at home.  Democrats had an opportunity in 2002 to oppose both the President’s rush to war and the creation of an Orwellian-sounding Department of “Homeland Security,” which had been their idea in the first place.  For the most part, they tried to play it safe, and they have suffered the consequences at the polls.

Lynn Vincent (of World) and Robert Stacy McCain (of the Washington Times) argue that, of the two major parties, one is essentially dishonorable and evil and should cease to exist.  (They subtitle one chapter “The Party of Treason and Subversion,” which indicates that they see the Democrats...

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