Cultural Revolutions

Game of Chicken

Dan Cathy, the CEO of the successful chain restaurant Chick-fil-A and a devout Baptist, has made the mistake of insisting that a spade is in fact a spade, and that can mean only one thing: He and his delicious chicken have to go.

If only he had played by the rules of the Game!  Here is a quick refresher, in case you are tempted to follow in his footsteps.

A seemingly sane person looks squarely at you and says that what is right before your eyes is not what you know it to be.  Skeptical at first, you withhold judgment on his sanity, until you consult your television.  Upon learning that many people disagree with you and agree with him, you ask yourself, Could all of them really be wrong?  Then you say, I was wrong: That is not a spade.  Congratulations, you’ve won!

Because, really, the whole point of the Game is for you to agree that whatever one hundred people surveyed say something is, that’s what it is.

If, for example, a hundred people surveyed tell us that two homosexual men have somehow married each other, then the correct answer is, by golly, they are married.  Sure, you can exercise your right to free speech and say that they are not married, that such is impossible, that marriage is what marriage is, that marriage simply exists and therefore cannot be defined or redefined, and that from...

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