Cultural Revolutions

Fundraising Scandal

The China lobby was in full swing this summer, and once again the "If We Can Sell Every Chinaman Just One" crowd carried the day. By a wider than expected margin, the House of Representatives defeated a resolution revoking China's Most Favored Nation status, letting both the Senate and the President off the hook.

As Alan Tonelson of the U.S. Business and Industrial Council has pointed out, America's corporate China lobby claims that "revoking MEN would shut U.S. companies out of a huge and vigorously expanding market for goods produced in the United States, hurting hundreds of thousands of American workers, as well as American companies. But China's meager imports from America"—less than what we sell to Belgium—"indicate that most U.S. companies (as well as their Hong Kong and Taiwanese counterparts) value China for a completely different reason—as a production site for goods they want to sell to America. China as a production site and export platform for American business mainly fattens the profits of U.S. multinational corporations at the expense of American workers whose output has been replaced by Chinese factories. For the up to 40 percent of Chinese exports sent to the United States, this intra-firm trade hits American workers especially hard."

However, trade (which should have been among the chief reasons to revoke MEN but was actually the trump card assuring...

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