Under the Black Flag

Friends With Benefits

The week after the murdering scum of ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya—their crime was being Christian—the European Commission opened an investigation of Christian schools in Britain for allegedly “discriminating” against nonreligious teachers.  In other words, the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels want to force Christian schools to stop giving preference to religious staff while recruiting.  It does not surprise me.  There’s a relentless agenda to secularize Christian schools all over Europe, especially in Britain, where not long ago Muslims stealthily attempted to install a sharia agenda in schools up north.  Not a word of protest was uttered by any of the crooks who live the life of Riley tax-free in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Is it worth fighting the good fight when the bureaucrooks who run our lives in Europe openly attack our Christian beliefs and blatantly favor the Muslims who are now the greatest threat to our way of life?  Almost as bad as the Brussels gangsters are the Church of England bishops, who recently appealed to the government to spend more money on poor Muslims and failed to say a word about the persecution and butchering of Christians all over the Middle East.  No wonder the Church of England is viewed by the British faithful as insular and out of touch, ensconced in their luxurious lifestyle and ermine robes, parading around the House...

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