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"Frenchman" Shoots Up Belgian Museum

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By:Eugene Girin | June 09, 2014

At the end of last month, Mehdi Nemmouche (also spelled "Nammouche", "Namouche", or "Nemouche") shot up the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, killing four people:  an Israeli married couple on vacation, a French visitor, and a Belgian museum employee. About a week later, the French police picked up the jihadist in Marseilles. The media reaction to the gunman's arrest was instructive. In all mainstream media outlets from the BBC on the Left to Fox News on the "Right", Nammouche, an Algerian born in the city of Roubaix was described as a "Frenchman", obfuscating both his actual background and the Islamist nature of the attack.

Incidentally, Roubaix, Nemmouche's hometown on the border with Belgium has long been a hotbed of Islamic terror. The infamous "Gang de Roubaix" of the mid-1990s was formed by Christoph Caze, Lionel Dumont, Fateh Kamel (a citizen of Canada), and Mohammed Omary - four natives of Roubaix who fought with the Bosnian Muslims in the early 1990s. Caze and Dumont were French converts to Islam and outdid their Arab comrades in violent brutality. Dumont, a former Catholic schoolboy, reportedly of pied noir origin and Caze, a former medical student enjoyed playing soccer with the heads of Serb soldiers while in Bosnia and decided to take their jihad home to France when the Bosnian War ended with the Dayton Agreement. The Muslim bandits of Roubaix started out with armed robberies of a supermarket and a Brink's truck, shot up a police patrol, and plotted to blow up a police precinct and the G-7 summit in Lille. Escaping a raid by French special forces, the rabid Caze was finally put down trying to ram a police checkpoint in Belgium. Kamel was released after serving only eight years and deported to Canada, where he is fighting the government to allow him to obtain a Canadian passport for a "business trip" abroad. Dumont fled back to Bosnia where he was sentenced to 20 years for killing a police officer and fled to Japan where he was arrested in 2003 and sent back to France. Dumont is currently serving either 25 or 30 years in a French prison, a great opportunity for him to recruit and radicalize other inmates.

Nemmouche fought in Syria with the infamous ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, linked to Al Qaeda and Turkey's Islamist government. ISIS is responsible for thousands of deaths in Iraq, Jordan, and Syria and is one of the jihadi groups responsible for the genocide of Syrian and Iraqi Christians. Just three days ago, ISIS gunmen executed fifteen Yezidi Kurds in northern Syria, including seven children, ages one to twelve. The Irish Independent in a recent article characterized ISIS as "the most powerful and effective extreme jihadi group in the world" and "militarily the most successful jihadi movement ever", far more dangerous and powerful than its parent Al Qaeda ever was.

The reaction of Jewish organizations to the museum shooting was predictable. They decried "antisemitism" and begged the European governments for more protection without mentioning the obvious: the spread and growth of Islam is the biggest threat European Jews have faced since the 1940s. But instead of supporting nationalist European parties, and joining their calls for an end to Muslim immigration to Europe, the leaders of European Jewry decried those parties' "intolerance" and clamored for "minority rights", which in translation from Eurabian Newspeak means making Europe a more comfortable place for Islam. I wrote about this evil, destructive hypocrisy of Establishment Jewry some months ago.

As Srdja Trifkovic pointed out some years ago, the only hope for Jews in the West lies in their alliance with and support for the European traditionalist, nationalist Right:

To put it bluntly, the survival of the West, which is recognizably Christian in spirit and European in genes, is “objectively” becoming the optimal survival strategy for the Jewish community as a whole, Israel included. (I’ve known several Jews who understand, notably my late friend Sir Alfred Sherman.)

In the postmodern mélange of races, cultures and cults still desired by the likes of Abraham Foxman, the narrative of victimhood and its associated claims will carry little weight with the brown, black, and yellow multitudes blissfully devoid of European self-loathing, guilt and shame. The results may easily exceed in ferocity and magnitude the events of 1942-45.

It is essential for the Jews to grasp that the survival of European gentile identity and institutions is a sine qua non of their own survival.

I made the same point in a VDARE article, writing that "Jews must draw a lesson from all this: only an alliance with, and support for, hard right anti-immigration parties like the Vlaams Belang, the Front National, and the BNP will ensure their survival in Europe". 



Nenad Radulovich
6/9/2014 04:03 PM

  Thank you for this informative article, Eugene. This practice of "creative naming" of perpetrators of sudden jihad has antecedents in the nineties in North America. Does anyone remember the Utah mall shootings or the "Bosnian" who committed them? Even the Fort Dix shooters are fast receding from our collective memory; at the time they were, of course, from the "former Yugoslavia" or at best "Kosovars." In all cases, the media was quick to add (with a dose of sympathy) that they were driven out of their homes by "Serb brutality." How could they be expected to act any differently in their new homelands? Calling them what they were and are would introduce too much cognitive dissonance into our official policies, both domestic and foreign.

Dan Hayes
Rego Park
6/9/2014 06:50 PM

  I wholeheartedly concur with the posting's last paragraph that Jews must make an alliance with, and support for, hard right anti-immigration parties. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that no such meaningful alliance will occur since modern Jewry (with a few notable exceptions, a prime example being Mr. Girin) is oblivious to the threats that were described. Unfortunately this behavior appears to be part and parcel of the DNA of modern Jewry. In view of Jewry's high degree of collective intelligence how can a people so smart be so stupid regarding their ultimate survival? This has always puzzled me. I suspect that my puzzlement will continue with no end in sight.

Etienne Gervaise
6/10/2014 12:23 PM

  The same thing is going on in my local newspaper, any crime committed by a minority will withhold the perpetrator's name or physical description until the last paragraph This is the latest form of dishonesty by the yellow gutter press. In fact, the Stafford weekly -- which featured Crime Beat -- has been dropped, and the local county grand jury indictments have not been published in months because the names of the criminals was a source of derision. In this vacuum a tabloid called Crime Times has popped up. Sales are very brisk.

6/12/2014 03:02 AM

  Etienne, Have I missed a punchline? Or is there actually a Crime Times to which I might subscribe? Not too long ago the Sheriff's periodic crime report email stopped giving the juicy details into the crimes it reports. . .


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