Under the Black Flag

French Boors and Chinese Whores

Here we go again, sports fans!  During a recent tennis match between two professionals in Indian Wells, California, a racial slur uttered by one of the players has the usual suspects up in arms.  The first off the bat was, of course, the newspaper that prints only what fits p.c., the dreadful Big Bagel Times.  Michael Llodra of France is usually a mild-tempered fellow, but in his close match against Ernests Gulbis of Latvia—a match he won—he seemed to be out of sorts.  His problem was a Korean-American woman by the name of Alex Lee Barlow.  Mrs. Barlow was accompanied by her husband and brother and stood out by cheering loudly for the Latvian.  Indian Wells is known for having stands very close to the courts, not necessarily a good thing as far as tennis fans are concerned.  Tennis players are known for using four-letter words at every opportunity.

When I was on the tennis circuit 40 or so years ago, the worst offender was Bob Hewitt, an Australian who won the Wimbledon doubles and mixed many a time.  There were no fines back then, and players were supposed to act like gentlemen, but referees turned a deaf ear in Bob’s case because he suffered from a type of Tourette’s, although back then it was called bad manners.  That was then, this is now.  Players no longer act like gents, especially women like the ghastly Serena Williams,...

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