Freedom From Religion

The recent “flap” over the Ground Zero Mosque is the meaningless debate we have come to expect from American political debates, which are a mere exchange of platitudes.  The only interesting part is the common ground occupied by both sides.  The left says that the First Amendment and the universal human right to enjoy religious liberty mean that no one can or should interfere in the construction of a mosque-cum-Islamic-propaganda center only two blocks away from the Twin Towers.  The right, by contrast, while agreeing that the Constitution guarantees the religious liberties of every religion whatsoever, demur at the bad taste in the selection of this of all possible sites.  Sarah Palin among others went so far as to compare the building of a mosque in Manhattan with “building a Serbian Orthodox church at the Srebrenica killing fields where Muslims were slaughtered.”

Conservatives and liberals agree: Muslims have an inalienable constitutional right to come to the United States, acquire citizenship, and practice a religion that for 1,300 years has justified the oppression, persecution, rape, and murder of Christians.  If the Constitution really did guarantee freedom of religion to Muslims, it would be tempting to agree with the Abolitionists that it is a pact with the Devil.

In fact, the Constitution does not guarantee religious liberty.  The First Amendment simply forbids...

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