Cultural Revolutions

Forgotten Strippers

In 1994, the Republicans, for the first time in 40 years, took control of both Houses of Congress.  In 2000, after some controversy, the GOP secured the presidency.  Now, they have lost both houses and look to be well on their way to losing the presidency in 2008.  Parties lose when they don’t give their supporters what they want.  And, while the Iraq quagmire would probably have brought the Republicans down anyway, they could have come a lot closer to retaining some of their seats if they had kept their base happy.

The funny part is that their supporters were very clear about what they wanted, and it would have been easy for the party to give it to them.  They wanted an end to the culture created, over the last 50 years, by “activist judges.”  Our culture has been formed by judge-made rules handed down by the Supreme Court and the state courts.  No legislature would have done what they did.  No legislature would have removed prayer from public schools and crèches from the town square at Christmas; found a constitutional right to sodomize; protected pornographers and flag burners; facilitated unlimited abortion; upheld affirmative action; interfered with school discipline; and created an infinite number of new rights for criminals.  The result is a vulgar mess.  The Republicans’ supporters—and lots of Democrats—hate it.  Is there an easy...

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