Foreign Affairs: Who Needs Islamic Fundamentalism?

Foreign Affairs: Who Needs Islamic Fundamentalism?
—states working as the launching pads of\r\nterrorism against the West—had to be\r\nmade real. Here, a few facts may be adduced.\r\nDuring the single year preceding\r\nPutin's election in the spring of 2000,\r\nMoscow's known sales of military hardware\r\nto Baghdad had already run into the\r\nhundreds of millions of dollars; yet, in the\r\nspring of 2001, to accelerate and direct\r\nthese acquisitions, Iraq opened a "military\r\nintelligence bureau" in Moscow, its\r\n20-strong staff headed by General Mohammed\r\nSubhi, and another one in Belarus,\r\nheaded by Col. Kamil Hadidi (see\r\nthe Sunday Telegraph, February 25).\r\nDefectors from Saddam Hussein's\r\nregime, meanwhile, brought to the West\r\nthe old news that "Iraq carried out a successful\r\nnuclear test before the Gulf War\r\nand now has a nuclear stockpile." The\r\ntest, carried out in September 1989 underneath\r\nL.ake Rezzaza, used a Russian\r\nnuclear warhead and went undetected\r\nbecause "the Russians supplied Iraq with\r\na table listing US satellite movements"\r\n(see the Sunday Times, February 25).\r\nConcurrently with the escalating military\r\nbuildup in Iraq organized from Moscow,\r\nPutin, in his meeting with NATO\r\nofficials in February 2001, "offered Furope\r\nhis space shield" (see Corriere della\r\nSera, February 21), the same mythical\r\nshield he had been offering Europe since\r\nhis first official meeting with Kohl's successor.\r\nChancellor Schroeder, in June\r\n2000. As at least one regional...

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