Foreign Affairs: Who Needs Islamic Fundamentalism?

Foreign Affairs: Who Needs Islamic Fundamentalism?
then it was too late for Britain's heroic\r\n"bastards" to fight against European unification\r\nin any but the fimited way they\r\nhad chosen.\r\nIt always pays, therefore, to look at the\r\nlarger picture. I would argue that the\r\ngeopolifical history of the last century—\r\nin the course of which totalitarianism\r\nemerged, developed, and evolved to become\r\nthe ineluctable lot of mankind that\r\nit is today—may be encapsulated in three\r\nshort sentences. First Stalin created\r\nHitler. Then Stalin sicked Hitler on the\r\nWest. And then Stalin got the West to\r\nbecome his ally in order to defeat Hitler.\r\nThe bitter ft'uit of Stalin's strategy was\r\nhalf of Europe falling into his lap—bitter\r\nbecause Stahn had meant for all of Europe\r\nto become his, as surely it would\r\nhave done had the object of his political\r\nmanipulahon not smelled a rat and leveled\r\nthe first blow. With fewer than one\r\nquarter of Russia's tanks, no winter clothing\r\nfor the troops, and barely enough fiiel\r\nto keep the army advancing for 90 days,\r\nthis was the beginning of a mass suicide\r\non a nahonal scale.\r\nWhat made Stalin cringe, even as his\r\nprematurely roused enemy drew near,\r\nwas not some phantom fear at the improbable\r\nprospect of an eventual German\r\nvictory; it was, rather, his realization\r\nthat the surprise attack had thwarted his\r\nplan of absolute domination over Eurasia\r\nin his lifetime. As for the all-too-probable\r\nprospect of a partial victory...

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