Under the Black Flag

Foregone Conclusions

Here’s a question for you: Could the “monster” of the #MeToo movement get a fair trial anywhere in these United States?  Is there a potential jury member that has not made up his mind that Harvey Weinstein raped, mistreated, and oppressed women?  Since last October to be exact, every news organization in America has been busy piling it on, reporting each and every accusation no matter how wild—or untruthful, for that matter—while old Harvey Weinstein has been cooling his heels with only his lawyer daring to respond.  Late in July, I got an inkling of what the “monster” is up against.  And our own Freddy Gray had a lot to do with it.  Let’s take it from the top.

As already reported in these pages, I used to see Harvey Weinstein on social occasions, in Switzerland and at various parties in New York.  Michael Mailer, son of Norman and a successful film producer, and I went down to Harvey’s office and proposed a movie of my prison book Nothing to Declare.  Weinstein countered with a proposal of a documentary about my past love life.  Michael and I demurred.  We parted as friends.

After the proverbial you-know-what hit the fan, Harvey went into hiding and rehab, so you can imagine my surprise when the telephone rang last June and I heard him on the line.  We met in his midtown office, and his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman,...

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