American Proscenium

For the Peace of Jerusalem

This issue, and the book that will follow in a few months, are the fruits of three years’ work for the study group that The Rockford Institute put together at the request of our board chairman, David A. Hartman.  During this period, we were asked many times: Why?  Not because peace in the Middle East is not important, but because the Institute has never been active in Middle Eastern affairs.  Of our group, only Leon Hadar is a bona fide expert on the Middle East.  The rest have expertise in tangential areas of ancient and modern history and current political studies.  Considering the wide range of think tanks, study groups, academic departments, scholarly journals, and popular newsletters that have addressed this subject, what did we hope to bring to the issue?

The simple answer is perspective.  We do not have any regional or religious axes to grind.  Our group includes Jews and Christians of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant backgrounds.  We invited several Islamic experts to contribute papers; two accepted, but we have not received either of their papers.  Although we have one British historian in our midst and one Israeli-American, our primary orientation is as American conservatives whose overriding concern, to borrow a phrase from Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, is the American interest.

These days, the dominant model for policymaking in Washington is imperial. ...

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