Cultural Revolutions

For Fear of the Wolves

Pope Benedict XVI, in an appeal to the sheep newly his own on the day of his enthronement, said, “Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”  We can be sure he knows who these wolves are after a quarter-century as head of the Holy Office.

Here are some of his words directed at the wolves.  First, to the wolves outside the Church: On May 13, 2004, he gave a conference to the Senate of the Italian Republic in the chapter room of the Minerva in which he provided an overview of the “irrefutably Christian”—words from his first general audience as Pope—past, present, and future of Europe.  “In our current society . . . those who dishonor the faith of Israel, its image of God, its great figures [are] fined.  Whoever degrades the Koran and the convictions of Islam is fined as well.  However, wherever one treats of Christ and what is sacred to Christians then suddenly freedom of opinion appears as the supreme good . . . There is a strange self-hatred in the West which could be considered something pathological; the West tries to open itself to the understanding of values from the outside, but it no longer loves itself . . . The multiculturalism which is constantly and passionately encouraged and favored is often above all abandonment and denial of that which is one’s own, a flight from one’s own things.”

Second, to the wolves...

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