Fish Rights

Letter From England

Animal rights protesters in Britain have now extended their campaign of sabotage to fishing. Members of the new Campaign for the Abolition of Angling, with its headquarters in Sevenoaks in Kent, have taken to disrupting angling matches by stirring the water with bamboo canes and banging dustbin lids under water to drive the fish away. They have even put on diving suits and swum underwater to make faces at the fish and frighten them away from the anglers. They are demanding that the government impose new legal restrictions on anglers, including a compulsory written examination before a fishing license is granted, a ban on the use of live bait, and no fishing by children under 12 unless supervised by an adult, hi the long run their even more militant successors will want fishing banned altogether, a view that will be strongly supported by the producers of lake and river pollution and acid rain.

They are not alone in their indignation, for many sensitive British animal lovers have long been appalled at the callous anglers' disregard for the sufferings of fish and the brutality with which fishermen regularly inflict all manner of cruelty and humiliation on our finny friends. They are particularly revolted by the popularity in Britain of the so-called sport of competitive fishing. Every weekend in England the shores and banks of lakes, rivers, and canals are lined with grim-faced men holding poles and wearing rubber boots hued according...

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