Final Solution

The Hostile Takeover of America’s Schools

Public education exacerbates today’s toxic youth subculture.  The combined forces of advertisers, television, teen magazines, and internet spammers have lured our nation’s youth into lives of promiscuity.  Government schools add incompetence and dependency to the mix—all wrapped in a façade of “learning” and “testing” packages.

Government education, unfortunately, never quite met the promised ideal.  Even so, as late as 1950, public schools were mostly “creating unity out of diversity and nationalism out of particularism.”  Historian Henry Steele Commager noted in a piece for Time that year that the goal of American schooling was still centered on passing along a “common body of knowledge,” which children could then take into whatever profession or avocation they fancied:

Poets like Bryant, Longfellow and Whittier; painters like Trumball, Stuart and Peale; historians like Jared Sparks and George Bancroft; schoolmen like Noah Webster with his Spellers, William H. McGuffey with his Readers—these and scores of others popularized that common group of heroes and villains, . . . images and values, of which national spirit is born.

How many graduates today recognize even half of these famous Americans?  And why do government educrats not view it as necessary that they should?


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