Film: The Time of Our People

Film: The Time of Our People
tcniptu()iisl\\ and tells him to "ciuit cr\\-\r\ning; he's gonna kill \\ ou an\\\\\\a\\." He\r\nthen clefiantK rehnkcs C',eronimo: "We\r\nmake things ont ot this conntn. There\r\nwas not hill' here before ns, and there\r\nwonld ne\\er ])e nothin' if we left it to\r\n\\()u!" The Indians at onee enfilade the\r\nentire group, exee[)t for the defiant miner,\r\nto whom CTeronimo replies: '"^ou are\r\ndfooll But at least \\on are bra\\e. (k'toff\r\nA|)aehe land! I he next Hme, I will kill\r\n\\()u." John Milins has ele\\erK used this\r\nlone miner to summarize the luiropeans'\r\nargument tor their right to dispossess the\r\nIndians: The Indians' rehisal, or inahilit\\,\r\nto enlti\\ate and develop the land forfeited\r\nan\\' right ihc\\ onee might ha\\e had to\r\ne\\elnsi\\e |3ossession. In odier words, erdii\\\r\nation, eities, and ei\\ilization ha\\e a\r\nhigher and better elaim to tlie land than\r\nprimiti\\e barbarism does, regardless of\r\nw ho got there first.\r\nTwo of the Amerieans aetualK eoneede\r\nthat the hidians ha\\c a right to defend\r\ndieir lands with \\ iolenee, although\r\nthe\\' do not eondone the massaere of\r\ntheir ei\\ ilian eountnmen. One is the \\ eterau\r\nscout and hidian fighter Al Seiber,\r\nwho tells his friend Oencral Crook:\r\nr\\ e fought 'em a long time. General.\r\n,\\nd I figure if I was one of em,\r\nI'd be standiu' right next to Ck-ronimo,\r\nshootin at the blueeoats. But\r\nCiod made me who 1 am, and beh^\r\necu them or us . . . I figure it's...

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