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Fifty Shades of Dreck or Homage to a Psychopath

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By:Eugene Girin | February 27, 2015

The bestselling Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James (pen name of British authoress Erika Mitchell), which includes the books Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Free became the latest fad in the shabby genre of lowbrow female fiction. Unlike its earlier specimens like Twilight, the novels of E.L. James stood out for its celebration of sexual deviance, which did not prevent it from becoming a beloved, if embarrassing obsession of millions of grown women, becoming known by the nauseating term "mommy porn".

At the center of these pornographic novels, the first of which was recently made into a movie is a relationship between a college student named Anastasia "Ana" Steele and young billionaire Christian Grey, a psychopath suffering from sexual sadism disorder. Grey manipulates and browbeats the previously innocent Steele into becoming the object of his deviant inclinations.

In purely literary terms, E.L. James' trilogy is so poorly written that in the words of Salman Rushdie, "It made Twilight look like War and Peace" while the movie is a boring softcore porn flick that decades ago would never been shown in mainstream theaters. Christian Grey, the object of prurient obsession of Middle American housewives comes across as a preening, menacing, and controlling psycho who belongs in either an insane asylum or a maximum security facility for dangerous sex offenders.

I considered including some excerpts in the book in this article, but they were too nauseating even for the most mature audience. After spending the last several years of my life representing people accused of crimes of various degrees of severity, I can say that even the most vile sociopath I have encountered is no match for Christian Grey. 

The fact that both the books and the movie are accepted as legitimate literature and entertainment speaks volumes about the taste and proclivities of today's Western women. And the things to come will only be worse: more deviant and more nauseating. I would not be surprised if in the coming decade, books celebrating bestiality will become widely read bestsellers.



2/27/2015 03:53 PM

  It is easy enough to blame the women for their proclivities, but as wiser men than me have noted, behind most girls gone wrong is an absent, indulgent, or abusive father or husband. The husband is in a diabetic coma in his recliner while the football game blares away. The wife, getting all of her guidance and information about the world, from Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales, turns to mother's little helper. This time its in the form of a softcore "novel" instead of a little yellow pill....

Bryan Fox
2/27/2015 07:33 PM

  Most of the soiled doves of the previous centuries may have been at the hand of man, but that theory in this era is Feminist bull honkey. The failures of the modern Western Woman are from a bankrupt culture which created and nurtured them to believe they were super humans, yet victims of a non-existent masculine society. My my, what was once considered female exploitation is now female adulation. Most young American women are not worthy to carry the girdles of their forebears who lived through the depression and World War, let alone those who lived in the 19th century. Oprah Winfrey a female of low character is an adept business woman for Identifying and exploiting a large market of stupid women with too much time and money on their hands. No doubt our society hasn't scraped bottom yet. I believe someday we'll be lectured Pedophiles are misunderstood homosexuals.

Dan Hayes
Rego Park
2/27/2015 09:27 PM

  Yes, give it a little time and we will have widely read bestsellers celebrating bestiality! Learn to enjoy the landscape of Sodom and Gomorrah as Supreme Court Justice Scalia has stated that all sorts of previously regarded perversions will now be sanctioned with recent judicial rulings!

Harry Heller
San Francisco
2/28/2015 09:17 AM

  On another post I commented as follows: Fifty Shades of Grey was mostly awful and utterly pointless. I had meant to drag my ladyfriend to Jupiter Ascending Wed night (yes, also bad reviews, but the geek in me still likes big budget scifi movies), but the particular screen we were watching was malfunctioning, so we walked out and saw the only movie just starting - Fifty Shades. I wish I could say I felt unclean watching it, but I didn't. It was very "softcore" and embarrassingly silly and pretentious. Mr. Girin is simply wrong about it's not being shown in morally healthier times past - unless he is referring to the pre-70s period (or maybe pre-60s: I wouldn't know). I found it not the least 'titillating' (though I expect this thing was really written and made for the girls, not guys). That a lot of women could find this stuff fascinating (my date, to her immense credit, found it embarrassing, too) is a very sad commentary on the modal modern mind, and not only for the moral declinist aspects that Scott Richert of Aaron Wolf might note, but for what it suggests about the sheer juvenility of the modern world. Our technology improves, our characters decline. Is there a relationship? Is it a necessary one? I also think Girin is completely off base wrt his comments about the "Christian" character (why that of all names? coincidence?). He most certainly does not "browbeat" the female character (at least in the movie - I'm shocked that any civilized person, especially one associated with this magazine, would even have read a single page of such tripe, let alone admit to it, and for aesthetic as much as moral reasons). In line with what I take to be both essential female sexual fantasy (to wit: male dominance, some "danger", but basic safety assured), as well as an hilarious gloss on American legal culture (I laughed out loud at this part in the movie), Christian is EXTREMELY careful about obtaining Ana's written consent for their "games"; their "negotiation" was detailed.

Harry Heller
San Francisco
2/28/2015 09:29 AM

  (cntd.) Christian repeats ad nauseum that Ana must feel comfortable; that he must obtain her consent; and that their activity can be stopped at any time (he gives her code words for this). Finally, unless I fell asleep at a crucial moment (I nodded for about a minute), there was absolutely NOTHING in the way of 'hardcore' S&M. The big climactic scene at the end involved Christian, acting more like Roman, taking a leather belt and whipping Ana 6 times across the buttocks - which causes the little princess to fall to emotional pieces. "That's it?", I thought. We endured infinitely worse floggings in my British-run boarding school! That Ana couldn't "take it" did, however, mark her as a thoroughly modern Western woman. I'm sure her lack of emotional resilience was shared by the easily titillated readers of this utter gutter tripe.


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