Breaking Glass

FDR: The Moral Reckoning

Dear Editor:

Attached please find the proposal for my latest book, Franklin Roosevelt: The Anti-christ Unmasked.  While I know some people will dismiss my thesis as foolish (or even “crazy”), the wave of recent books published by major presses like yours gives me reason to hope that the truth can at last be told.

I am especially optimistic because of the books published in the last three or four years about the Roman Catholic Church and the holocaust, by such authors as John Cornwell, James Carroll, Garry Wills, and especially Daniel J. Gold-hagen.  As you are aware, these books argue that Pope Pius XII was a drooling anti-semite and a more-or-less overt Nazi who never criticized Hitler and never did a thing to help his Jewish victims.  Though each of these writers sometimes goes off the deep end, Dr. Goldhagen is in a category by himself, most visibly in his recent book, A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair.  He asserts that only the “many sleights of hand” engaged in by “the defenders of the church” have prevented a full exposure of “the Catholic role in the slaughter of the Jews.”  In the New Republic last year, Goldhagen even claimed that

Any evaluation of the Catholic Church as a moral institution must centrally take into account that in effect the Church was serving—because...

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