Letters to the Bishop

Fax for Pax

Your Excellency:

Recently you offered Mass at our church.  In your homily, which was quite inspirational, you urged parishioners to avail themselves more frequently of the Sacrament of Penance.

Believe it or not, Your Excellency, I try to go to Confession every month or so.  As you stated in your homily, frequent confession helps us all in our battle against sin.  Recently, however, I have felt uncomfortable confessing to our parish priests.  Part of what I need to confess is my anger with these gentlemen over various issues: They have, for instance, made the Sunday Mass their version of a comedy club, and, since the younger of the two changed the words of the Eucharistic prayer at the last Mass, I’m not even sure whether the consecration was licit.  Given my reservations, I find it difficult to go to these priests in the confessional.  With a few mortal sins on my soul, however, I needed to look somewhere for absolution if I wished to partake of the other Sacraments.  (Unlike most Catholics, who, by all appearances, march triumphant and unstained by sin down the aisle each Sunday to partake of Our Lord’s Body and Blood, I’m afraid that I sin quite frequently and even enjoy it at times.)

I first turned to a large church nearby, with some newly appointed priests.  The church secretary—a very genial woman—asked me to suggest several convenient times for Confession and then...

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