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Fateful Choices

There are few issues more emotional than abortion.  The dogmatism of the respective combatants strikes fear in the hearts of lesser mortals—which means almost every politician.  Three decades after Roe v. Wade, the issue of abortion is unlikely ever to be resolved politically.

The major parties have largely followed the passions of their most active members, which means that Republicans usually are pro-life; Democrats, pro-abortion.  Only Republicans, however, are regularly chided for their lack of inclusiveness.  Recently, the Michigan Democratic Party officially recognized the Choose Life Caucus.  Alas, such acceptance is not likely at the national level: Last year, the Democratic National Committee refused to post a link to Democrats for Life of America on the DNC’s website.  In 1992, the party barred Pennsylvania Gov. William Casey from addressing the Democratic National Convention because he dared suggest that a party that purported to stand for the disadvantaged and helpless should protect the unborn.

In contrast, Dick Gephardt, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and now Dennis Kucinich have all forsaken their pro-life principles in hopes of garnering votes.  Kucinich explained his convenient flip-flop: “People want to make sure that their president has a capacity to grow and a capacity to evolve.”  And, apparently, to sell out.

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